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Suvami Appartment


  • PROJECT STATUS - Under Construction
  • PROJECT ID: NPR-01055


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  • Land Area
    443 sq.mtr.

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    Not mentioned

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    Not mentioned

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Residential Details
Land Area: 443 sq.mtr.
Total Built Up Area: 1108 sq.mtr.
Carpet Area: 1025 sq.mtr.
No. of Apartments: 19


R.S. DAG NO-759, L.R.DAG NO-771, L.R. KHATIAN NO-1673,1661, J.L.NO-106, MOUZA- KHALIA P.S.- LILUAH
Bally Jagachha
PS. Liluah
Dist. Howrah
Pin 711114
  Drinking Water Facility
  Emergency Evacuation Services
  Fire Fighting Facility
  Access to common spaces
  Access to the Project
  Water supply arrangements
  Waste disposal
Registered Agents
Sl No. Agent Name Agent Address
Agent is not available

Sl No. Consultant Name Consultant Address Consultant Type
1 P K CHATTOPADHAYAY Howrah Structural Engineer
3 RRL Accounting Services Pvt Ltd 18, Rabindra Sarani, Poddar Court, Gate No-2, 5th Floor, Room No:522/523, Kolkata-700001 Other
Promoter and other officials handling the project
Sl No. Promoter Name Firm Name Establishment Year Contact Email ID Address Completed Projects
1 Kiran Devi TLB GROUP 9088080849 tlbgroup010119@gmail.com 4J, Shivam Abasan, East Sapuipara, P.S. Nischinda, Jagacha, Howrah - 711227

Promoter Details

Personal Information

TLB Group

Company Type : Partnership Firm
Address : Village- Khalia P.S.- Liluah, P.O.- Chamrail
Tehsil : Bally Jagachha
Police Station : Liluah
Pincode : 711114
District : Howrah

Registration No.:

Education: Kiran Devi, Partner is Graduate by qualification.

Work Experience: Kiran Devi has experience of almost 10 years experience in Real Estate Industries.


Litigations : Details of past or ongoing litigations in relation to the real estate projects and real estate agent if any
Sl No. Litigations
Information not available yet

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Projects Outside of West Bengal/Union Territory

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Ongoing Projects

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Promoter's Document
Sl No. File Description Download
1 An authenticated copy of the approvals and commencement certificate from the competent authority obtained in accordance with the laws as may be applicable for the for the real estate project mentioned in the application, and where the project is proposed to be developed in phases, an authenticated copy of the approvals and commencement certificate from the competent authority for each of such phases
2 Proforma of the allotment letter, agreement for sale, and the conveyance deed proposed to be signed with the allottees
3 Authenticated copy of the PAN card of the promoter
4 Audited balance sheet of the promoter for the preceding financial year and income tax returns of the promoter for three preceding financial years
5 The details of encumbrances on the land on which development is proposed including any rights, title, interest or name of any party in or over such land along with details
6 Where the promoter is not the owner of the land on which development is proposed details of the consent of the owner of the land along with a copy of the collaboration agreement, development agreement, joint development agreement or any other agreement, as the case may be, entered into between the promoter and such owner and copies of title and other documents reflecting the title of such owner on the land proposed to be developed;
Details and profile of ongoing and completed projects for the last 5 years as provided under clause (b) of sub-section (2) of section 4
Sl No. Project Name Project Type Registration No. District Name Complete Date Construction Status Cases Pending Payment Pending Type of Land Delay Project
Information not available yet

The Sanctioned Plan, Layout plan and Specifications of the Project or the Phase thereof and the whole project as sanctioned by the competent authority as provided under clause (d) of sub-section (2) of section 4
Sl No. File Description Download
1 Sanction Plan
Copy of the legal title deed reflecting the title of the promoter to the land on which development is proposed to be developed along with legally valid documents with authentication of such title, if such land is owned by another person
Sl No. File Description Download
1 Land Deed
Other Project Documents
Sl No. Title Sub Title Download
1 Authenticated copy of the site plan or site map showing the location of the project land along with names of revenue estates, survey numbers, cadastral numbers, khasra numbers and area of each parcels of the project land Site Plan
Authenticated Legal Document
Sl No. File Description Download
1 Details including the proforma of the application form