West Bengal Housing Industry Regulatory Authority


Project Status as on Quarter ending 31-03-2021
Updated as on 03-04-2021

Booking Status

  • Residential Apartments Booked

  • Commercial Unit Booked

  • Basement Parking Booked

  • Open Car Parking Booked
    Not mentioned

  • Covered Car Parking Booked
    Not mentioned

  • Mechanical Parking Booked
    Not mentioned

Status of construction of each building/floor with photographs

Block/Building Floor Construction Status Download
RAJDHANI 1 Completed With CC
RAJDHANI 2 Completed With CC
RAJDHANI 3 Completed With CC
RAJDHANI 4 Completed With CC
RAJDHANI 5 Completed With CC
RAJDHANI 6 Completed With CC
DURANTO 1 Completed With CC
DURANTO 2 Completed With CC
DURANTO 3 Completed With CC
DURANTO 4 Completed With CC
DURANTO 5 Completed With CC
DURANTO 6 Completed With CC
SATABDI 1 Completed With CC
SATABDI 2 Completed With CC
SATABDI 3 Completed With CC
SATABDI 4 Completed With CC
SATABDI 5 Completed With CC
SATABDI 6 Completed With CC

Status of Construction of Internal Infrastructure with photographs

Sl No. Title Download
1 Roof Kids Play Area
2 Roof Kids Play Area
3 AC Community Hall
4 24*7 Power Backup
5 Transformer and Electric Meters
6 Waste Disposal
7 CCTV Cameras
8 Intercom System
9 Boring Water Pits with Undeground Storage
10 Drinking Water Pit with Underground Storage
11 Lifts
12 Decorated Roof
13 Overhead Storage Tanks
14 Basement Parking
15 Rajdhani Outside Building
16 Duranto Outside Building
17 Satabdi Outside Building
18 Roof Kids Play Area
19 Roof Kids Play Area
20 AC Community Hall
21 24*7 Power Backup
22 Transformer and Electric Meters
23 Waste Disposal
24 CCTV Cameras
25 Intercom System
26 Boring Water Pits with Undeground Storage
27 Drinking Water Pit with Underground Storage
28 Lifts
29 Decorated Roof
30 Overhead Storage Tanks
31 Basement Parking
32 Rajdhani Outside Building
33 Duranto Outside Building
34 Satabdi Outside Building

Status of Construction of Common Areas with photographs

Sl No. Construction Status Description Download
1 Completed With CC Outside Common Passage

Approval for NOC

Approved Document Approval Applied Approval Expected Approval Received Modifications Download